~ Solon Borland

Solon Borland

1811 Virginia – 1864 Texas

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Researched, Compiled and Scribed by William (Bill) Samuel Boggess starting 2003, last revised 11/03/13, three weeks and 150 years following day he left his sick bed in Princeton, Arkansas for Texas.


“Solon Borland was generous, open hearted and noble in all his
instincts, and a tender regret for his early demise filled the hearts of
many a friend who had known him in days of yore.”

Source: “History of North Carolina”, by John Wheeler MOORE (1833NC-1906NC), 1880, page 253.

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SOLON BORLAND’s name-sake was the Greek; “Solon the Lawmaker” who died
2,370 years earlier, in 559 B C.

Solon was a brilliant, well educated family man, a southern
gentleman, a frontiersman, an achiever — serving the public as: North
Carolina militia officer, Arkansas’ militia Adjutant-General,
attorney-at-law, Confederate Colonel, editor, pharmacist, physician,
publisher, Arkansas’ first United States diplomat, United States Army
Major, Arkansas’ fourth U S Senator and Democratic presidential delegate many times
during mid-nineteenth century. He was a part of our expanding nation
increasing from 17 to 36 states and west beyond “Louisiana Purchase”
lands, to the Pacific Ocean during his fifty-two years. Early years
spent in Virginia and North Carolina, — last twenty-seven, eleven in
Memphis and sixteen, off and on, in Arkansas.

If a job needed done ~ ~ Solon was the one!

Solon was thrice married, five known children, died New Year’s Day 1864 from pneumonia near Houston, Harris county, Texas, burial site currently unknown, believed by some to be City cemetery, Houston.

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