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WebTv, which I used thirteen years to research and build my websites, went out of business 30 September 2013. A cohort transferred my sites to “Word Press”, which has a different format, so please find that the following have been gathered together from my many listings, found along the left side of page, for your ease of viewing.

WebTv was a worry-free, wonderful means to do one’s research and its “page builder” feature was great for constructing stories with photographs, but unfortunately WebTv was NOT designed to keep pace with modern technology. I have found it had many features far better than a computer, ’tis a shame they couldn’t advance with the times.

Please notify me of errors, new information or misspelled words at:

Ancestral Families of Bill Boggess

Our Country Retreat

Point Pleasant Restored Cemetery

Life at Lynchburg

My Brown Pelican Vessal

My Blue Heron Vessal

My Seashells

My Scuba Diving

My Coin Collection

My Potage Stamp Collection

Grandfather’s Carthage Homes

Carthage’s Y M C A

Uncle George Wood

Lakeside Park, ~ ~ Jasper county, Missouri

Grays From Maine

Pioneer School Teachers

Saint Johns’ College of Arkansas

Major Richard H Parham

Gray of Union Pacific

United States Senator, Solon Borland and FAMILY

United States Army, Major Solon Borland

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Solon BORLAND,

Confederate States Army, Colonel Solon Borland

Fanny Green (Borland) Moores


Enjoy browsing through the above of my many years research, as are also listed individually along left side. Some are, related, some are not, but all were most interesting to research. Also listed are my hobbies for your enjoyment.

Yours Truly


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